Just 3 more nights.. Just 3 more nights 😣

Why couldn’t I come this time..

I don’t want this to be like last year 😣😣😣

It’s weird how life works..

I asked my girlfriend to call me.. So I could say something that would make her really happy.
I was gonna say “remember how we talked about if you weren’t here and I was feeling like depressed and some what suicidal you could say. But I’d have for example Haley as a fall back to talk to me and watch over me. Well it worked!”
Instead.. End result of me trying to get her to call me.. She turns off her phone.. When she said I said please don’t and she said okay.. But she did anyways.. Looks like I need to look for Haley again..

The love of my life.. Is also my best friend

I love you Nicole, always have, always will.

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